Peterborough Beer Festival

Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale


Can I bring my dog to the festival?

Dogs are allowed on site at all times but must be kept on a lead and must not be allowed to annoy customers (or other dogs). Many people sit on the grass and so we ask that you bring bags so that you can pick up dog poo. Drinking water for dogs is available near the glasses stand.

Can I bring my children and how much will I have to pay for them?

We do not charge an entry fee for children but they must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. You are allowed to take them into the beer marquees but we ask that you move away from the bar once you have been served.

Do you do passouts?

Yes, you can obtain a wristband that will allow you back into the festival but they are only available after 5pm. Note that when you return, the wristband must be intact and still on your wrist.

I'm over 18 but keep getting asked for ID.

If you look under 21 we will ask for ID. We only accept picture driving licences, passports and ID cards with the PASS logo. When you are challenged you can be supplied with a wristband. If you are challenged again, simply show the wristband.

My child is 17. Can he or she come to the festival?

Yes, but he or she must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. In the eyes of the law they are children. They must not buy or consume alcohol and doing so will get them, and possibly you, ejected from the festival by security.

Why do I have to buy a glass?

Strictly speaking you are hiring a glass. You can return it in good condition and get a full refund. Of course we would like you to keep the glass as a souvenir.

Do you have ATM cash machines on site?

We are using Contactless card machines in all areas this year. You can also still pay by cash. Make sure that you bring enough cash or your card with you but please don't bring fifty pound notes. We will not accept them at any bar. They can only be changed at the glasses stand.

I like real ale but my wife only drinks gin. Can I bring some for her?

No! The festival is a pub. You are not allowed to bring any alcohol on site. But we have a Gin Bar this year

Can I buy tickets in advance?

We are going to sell some advanced tickets this year. A link will be posted on our website when we're open for sales. This will be around mid-May. We do sell advance door, glass and beer tickets so that companies and societies can offer them to their guests. Normally we will only deal with groups of 20 or more.

Is the site suitable for wheelchairs?

Yes, the site is reasonably flat and we have people in wheelchairs every year. There are disabled toilets on site. If you arrive by car or taxi, ask at the gate. Provided the ground is firm you will be allowed to drive right up to the pay gates.

I lost something at the festival. What should I do?

We always find a selection of lost property at the festival and are keen to return it to its rightful owner. We generally find mobile phones, cameras, house keys, umbrellas, bracelets, car keys and credit cards, though we do find more unusual objects such as trousers, camping chairs and laptops. If you have lost something, please contact us on 01733 896555 or ku.gro.armac.tsefreeborobp@ofni

I have Celiac disease or am allergic to gluten. What can I drink?

We do normally have some gluten free cask ales on site. Ask at the bar. Some of the beers on the bottled beer bar are also gluten-free. Cider, perry and wine are not made from grains and so should be safe for you.

Where can I find out about allergens in your products?

For beers, ciders and wines you should ask at our Membership & Information desk or ask a bar manager. Food vendors are all independent operators and all should be displaying allergen information.

I am vegetarian or vegan. What can I drink and eat?

Most real ales use isinglass to make them drop bright. Isinglass is made from the swim bladder of fish. Quite a few beers are sold unfined, though they don't always claim to be suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans. Ask behind the bar for safe beers for you. Some bottled beers and normally all ciders and wines are also suitable. The food vendors are all independent operators and will be able to advise you which foods are suitable.

Is it true that all of the bar staff are unpaid volunteers?

Yes, that is true. Most are CAMRA members from the Peterborough area but quite a few travel from other parts of the country to work here and serve you with beer.

I am a CAMRA member. Why do I have to pay to get into the festival.

Unlike a normal pub we have to build ours before we can open. We need marquees, fencing, roadway, stillaging for the beer, toilets etc. This all costs a fortune and somebody has to pay for it. As a CAMRA member, you do get a generous discount.

If you get all of the beer free, why do you charge us for it?

We don't get the beer free. We buy it on the open market just like any free-house pub. It is true that a few brewers give us a cask of beer free of charge for our unpaid volunteers but we buy more than 1,200 casks of beer each year.

What happens to the profit that you make?

A small amount is used to run the local CAMRA Branch but the majority goes to CAMRA HQ where it is used for campaigning to keep local pubs open, to get pub landlords a better deal from pub companies, to try to improve the quality and choice of real ales and ciders.

Can we bring a picnic with us?

Yes, we have no problem with picnics, tables, chairs and umbrellas for use outside of the marquees. Soft drinks are allowed but only in sealed containers. You must not bring any alcohol on site.

I have a ticket for the trade session but I cannot get there early.

No problem, you can use the ticket untill 8.00PM Tuesday.

Do you have any extra security checks in place this year

Yes - we will be searching bags again this year. There will be extra security checks in place at the front gate.