Peterborough Beer Festival

Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

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Peterborough Beer Festival 2021 Gins Ordered List
Subject to change. We will also have six different tonics from Fever-tree


(1) Orange & Sea Buckthorn 45% abv
Limited edition, small batch distillation has a unique and delicious taste of bright citrus and tropical fruits.
(2) Rising Sun Gin 42% abv
Japanese matcha tea, lemongrass a special blend of botanicals.
Amber Falls
(3) Orange Marmalade Gin 41.3% abv
Fresh orange juice, with a punchy kick of dried juniper. A bit pithy at points.
(4) Bath Tub Gin 43.3% abv
Made with 12 Botanicals,Old Tom Style.
(5) Jasmine & Rose Gin 40% abv
A refined floral and earthy fragrance - elderflower and jasmine adds an extra dimension to this pink gin.
Blue Monkey
(6) Mango & Passion Fruit Gin 37.5% abv
Based on classic London Dry, the infusion of exotic mango and passionfruit gives a fun fruity gin. 
(7) Salted Caramel Gin 37.5% abv
A modern vibrant creation based on handcrafted London Dry gin, with the addition of creamy caramel and just a hint of sea salt.
(8) Summer Berries Gin 37.5% abv
London Dry Gin with a rich infusion of summer berries to create a gin to be enjoyed on those lazy, hazy days of summer.
(9) Lone Wolf Gin 44% abv
With lemongrass , lime leaf, spices&oily juniper.
(10) Gin 40% abv
"A Gin Like no other" Smooth & Fruity.
(11) Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin 40% abv
Sweet and fruity to taste (with just a hint of tartness) the peppery juniper is offset with the black pepper.
(12) Gin 41.8% abv
Orange oil, rosemary & subtle sweetness of heather honey.
(13) Rhubarb & Bramley Apple Gin 40% abv
Tangy and tart Rhubarb & Bramley Apple Gin is carefully crafted with freshly pressed rhubarb and Bramley apple juice.
(14) Seville Marmalade Orange Gin 40% abv
Smooth and sweet orange tones, well rounded.Full bodied, finishing with a burst of fresh orange zest.
City of London
(15) Square Mile Gin 47.3% abv
London dry gin flavoured with juniper berries, coriander seeds, orris root, angelica, liquorice, fresh orange,lemon and other botanicals.
(16) Gin 42.7% abv
A balance of citrus, junipers and coriander .Soft & supple, plenty of juniper elements, a touch of spearmint.
Eden Mill
(17) Love Gin 42% abv
A Pink Gin with an outstanding blend of botanicals and exotic fruits. Its pale colour when poured and when diluted.
Fenland (Wisbech)
(18) Aurora 42% abv
Our London Dry Gin infused with a flower which turns it blue. Add tonic and it changes to pink/purple.
(19) London Gin 42% abv
London Dry Gin, is re distilled with Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Cardamon, Sichuan Pepper and a freshly picked Bay Leaf
(20) Irish Gin 43% abv
Bright citrus and green tea notes are complemented by the spices.
(21) Old Tom Gin 40% abv
Subtly sweet, though maintains a herbaceous quality throughout.
(22) Gin 41.4% abv
Cucumber is a main botanical, a unique, incredibly refreshing .
Hoxton Gin
(23) Coconut 43% abv
Tropical, coconut rum-like, perfumed with sweet citrus and soft juniper developing on the late palate and finish.
(24) Gin 43% abv
Inspired by India, coriander, orange, lemon,grapefruit & angelica.
Lyme Bay
(25) Dry Gin 40% abv
Grapefruit, lime, verbena ,orris, a good core of spicy juniper.
(26) Orange &Thyme 40% abv
With bittersweet citrus flavours of blood orange with gentle peppermint notes of thyme. Combining with juniper, coriander & angelica.
(27) Pink Grapefruit Gin 40% abv
A beautiful marriage of the floral and citrus flavours.
(28) Lemon Gin 41% abv
Infused with Lemons,Dry and crisp. Notes of juniper, anise and coriander.
(29) Orange Gin 41% abv
Juniper, Sicilian Blood Oranges and 6 botanicals.
(30) Yorkshire Gin 42% abv
Juniper,Lime and Orange Flavours.
(31) Yorkshire Lavender Gin 42% abv
Subtly sweet notes of Lavender.
(32) Peppered Pear 42% abv
The aromatic spiciness lingers on with the juniper and some citrus. Warm and zesty.
(33) Rhubarb And Custard Gin 41% abv
Sharp, sweet rhubarb and mellow vanilla .
Norde's (Spain)
(34) Galician Gin 40% abv
Fresh and Fruity on the palate.
Sadlers Brewery
(35) Peaky Blinders Gin 40% abv
Nine Botanicals & Exotic Spices.
Bottomley (Louth)
(36) Pin Gin 40% abv
Elegant floral notes ,orange, lime and cinnamon.
Roundwood (Huntingdon)
(37) London Dry 40% abv
A smooth, well-balanced gin with a citrusy nose, bursts of elderberry and a long, juniper finish.
(38) Strawberry & Black Pepper 42% abv
Infused with fresh strawberries and warm black pepper this is the perfect gin for the summer.
(39) Gooseberry Gin 40% abv
Tangy gooseberry sharpness is ever present, alongside a balancing fruity sweetness and citrus notes.
(40) Flor De Sevilla Orange 41.3% abv
Zesty & bittersweet taste of Seville Oranges.
(41) Blackberry Gin 38% abv
Full of Blackberry and Honey flavour's.
(42) Plum Gin 40% abv
With selected botanicals as well as the sweetness of the plums , this gin is smooth and rich.
The Botanist
(43) Islay Dry Gin 46% abv
Made with a massive 31 Botanicals.
Two Birds
(44) Old Tom Gin 40% abv
A sweeter Victorian Style Gin
Warner Edwards
(45) Elderflower Gin 40% abv
An aperitif - sweet dry and gorgeous with a good tonic.
(46) Honey Bee Gin 40% abv
Made with Honey from there own Farm Bees.
Whitley Neill
(47) Parma Violet Gin 43% abv
A handcrafted gin of exceptional quality with bright vibrant flavours of juniper followed by a herbaceous floral note from the Violet
(48) Quince Gin 43% abv
The distinctive flavour of quince dominates the palate, giving way to the sweetness of apricots and peaches, with a long, fruity finish.
(49) Raspberry Gin 43% abv
Not as sweet as you'd expect, raspberry fruitiness .
(50) Rhubarb & Ginger Gin 43% abv
Tart Rhubarb crispness &Ginger giving a warm Character.
(51) Chocolate Gin (Xgin) 44% abv
Creamy and vanilla forward, with elegant juniper and a clear, delicious spark of dark chocolate at its core.
York Gin
(52) Roman Fruits 42.5% abv
Juicy red fruit notes are up-front and lively, but the earthy gin-based elements stay in control throughout.