Draught Ales

2019 Beer list

Current (July 27th 2019) beer list

Abbeydale of Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Double Deception 4.5% abv
Aromas of elderflower and grapes. Strong citrus flavours, especially grapefruit, and a long lasting bitter finish.
Splendour 4.4% abv
Nothing known so far
Abbeydale/Box Social of Sheffield & Newcastle
West Coast I.P.A. name tbc 7% abv
Nothing known so far
Abstract Jungle of Langley Mill, Derbyshire
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Adnams of Southwold, Suffolk
Broadside 4.7% abv
Brewed with Pale Ale malt and First Gold hops, Broadside is a dark ruby red beer rich in fruitcake aromas, almonds and conserved fruit.
Dark Side of the Moon 5% abv
Stout with marshmallow, coconut, and lactose, aged on oak chips.
Free Wheel 3.6% abv
Straw-coloured English Summer Ale with aromas of citrus and stone fruit, beautifully balanced by a touch of gooseberry on the nish.
Ghost Ship 4.7% abv
A ghostly pale ale brewed with - Pale Ale, Rye Crystal and Cara malts. Citra, and other American hop varieties to create some great citrus flavours
Mosaic Pale 4.2% abv
Mosiac hops at three stages during the boil, and once again during fermentation. This has imparted bold hop characters of peach, mango, lemon and pine.
Southwold Bitter 3.7% abv
A beautiful copper-coloured beer, late and dry-hopped with Fuggles for a distinctive, lingering hoppiness.
Aurora of Ilkeston, Derbyshire
Light Show 3.9% abv
A light coloured refreshing pale ale powerfully loaded with Nugget and Cascade hop, brewed with three varieties of malted barley. Flavour punch above its weight.
Austendyke Ales of Weston Hills, Lincolnshire
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Axholme of Crowle, Lincolnshire
Cleethorpe Pale 4.2% abv
A refreshing pale ale with crisp citrus hops & a sweet undertone from Sea Buckthorn Berries.
Magnitude 3.9% abv
Dry hopped Lincolnshire Bitter with American Cascade and Chinook.
Special Reserve 7.2% abv
A powerful, rich and fruity beer. Flavours of candied orange peel dominate this full-bodied, decadent brew.
Bad Co. of Dishforth, North Yorkshire
Oak Aged Dark Necessities 6.2% abv
Nothing known so far
Pale Aura 3.8% abv
A light amber pour gives way to light caramel malt with an uplifting burst of orange marmalade, and with a full creamy mouthfeel
Bad Co/Turning Point of Dishforth & Kirkbymoorside
Tangled Dimensions 6.5% abv
A big juicy IPA hopped with lashings and lashings of Citra and Mosiac Hops.
Bad Seed of Malton, North Yorkshire
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Bakers Dozen of Ketton, Rutland
Magic Potion No.9 3.8% abv
Blond/Golden ale
Straight Outta Ketton 4.5% abv
A dry, hoppy, pale ale with fruity aroma - yet another crazy ass brew!
The Turk 5.5% abv
Chocolate and rose porter
Bang the Elephant of Nottingham
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Batemans of Wainfleet, Lincs
Dark Fruits Porter 4.4% abv
Rich creamy packed with dark fruits
Summer Swallow 3.8% abv
Light, crisp, golden and thirst quenching. Conjuring up images of those lazy summer days. Brewed using East Anglian barley and East Kent Golding hops.
Beccles Brew Co of Beccles, Suffolk
Hodgkin's Hop 3.7% abv
Single malt, bittery pale ale with a very strong citrus flavour.
Leman Drop 4% abv
This is a hazy ale but has little bitterness very lemony with a hint of spiciness to finish.
Nelson Tree 4.8% abv
An amber beer bitter taste with a slight flowery taste that finishes with a lovely sweet after taste
Beerblefish of Edmonton, London N18
Brett Midler 4.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Pan Galactic Pale Ale 5% abv
Nothing known so far
Bexar County of Peterborough
Fruited Sour Pale TBC 3.2% abv
Nothing known so far
Hoppy Pale TBC 4.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Papa Steve 9% abv
Nothing known so far
Bexar Cty&Wild Weather of Pboro' & Silchester
Lapsang Souchong & 5.9% abv
Thanks for all of the Shoes. A Smoked Tea Stout
Billericay of Billericay, Essex
Zeppelin 3.8% abv
Easy drinking session ale with slight smoky notes.
Black Storm of Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear
Festival Special TBC ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Porter 5.2% abv
Good chunky robust porter with a rich malt profile from plenty of chocolate and crystal malts.
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Blackjack of Manchester
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Blackpit of Buckingham, Bucks.
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Blue Bee of Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Blue Bell of Whaplode St Catherine, Lincs.
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Blue Monkey of Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
B.G. Sips 4% abv
A pale and intensely hoppy beer, the Brewers Gold hops impart enticing tropical fruit aromas and a lovely thirst quenching bitterness.
Boudicca of West Barsham, Norfolk
Andraste's Ale 4.7% abv
Dry hopped, pale amber, strong bitter.
Prasto's Porter 5.2% abv
Full-bodied porter with dark fruit and hops on the nose, hints of roast malt, and a dry and smoky finish
Brentwood/ElephantSchool of Brentwood, Essex
Buzz Light Beer 4.5% abv
A Golden honey beer – to the pub & beyond!
Chockwork Orange 6.5% abv
A deep chocolate, malty beer brewed with oranges to give it a background citrus bitterness and matured to create a classic ‘old ale’ style.
Brew York of York, North Yorkshire
Our Beer 4.2% abv
Nothing known so far
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Brewshed of Ingham, Suffolk
American Blonde 5.5% abv
Inspired by modern American IPA’s and is brewed using the distinctive American citra hops. It has crisp bitterness but is balanced with a rich malt character and a citrus fruit nose.
Festival Special 4.3% abv
Nothing known so far
The Sours That Be 4% abv
Nothing known so far
Brewsters of Grantham, Lincolnshire
Hopstock 4% abv
Brewed to celebrate 40 years of Woodstock.
Brewsters&Cuckoo Colab of Grantham&Nottm University
Bird of Passage 4.8% abv
A pale golden Belgian Style IPA brewed with the Cuckoo Collaborative from Nottingham University Brewing School.
Briarbank of Ipswich, Suffolk
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Brown Cow of Barlow, North Yorkshire
Mrs. Simpson's Vanilla Porter 5.1% abv
A scrumptious rich porter brewed with fresh vanilla pods complimenting the complex dark malts. A Thriller in Vanilla that packs a punch!
Bumbling @ Xtreme of Peterborough
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Canopy of Herne Hill, London SE24
Mandarin & Bergamot I.P.A. 5% abv
New beer from this brewery.
Sunray Pale 4.2% abv
Fruity Belgian yeast and hops from around the world produce a well-balanced, hop-forward beer.
Castle Rock of Nottingham
Harvest Pale 3.8% abv
Blonde in colour and brewed with Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops giving a subtle citrus character with refreshing bitterness.. Supreme Champion Beer of Britain 2010
Waiting for the Sun 4.7% abv
Nothing known so far
Castor of Castor, Cambs.
Giant Hops'………………….. 4.8% abv
Full name fo beer Giant Hops are What you Take Walking on the Moon.
Gingerly Walking on the Moon 4.8% abv
Infused with ginger root, to give this amber coloured offering a spicy kick.
Hopping Toad 4.1% abv
A refreshing bitter brewed with light malt, balanced with hops giving a flowery and spicy, citrus-like quality with a slight grapefruit characteristic. The signature beer from Castor Ales, a popular beer locally.
Major Toms Space Oppity 4.1% abv
A light ale infused with bog myrtle and liquorice root to give an interesting twist and flavoursome taste.
Old Scarlett 4.3% abv
A scarlet coloured bitter infused with West Coast hops, very easy on the palate. A modern twist on a traditional beer
Creaton Grange of Creaton, Northants.
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Crooked of Church Fenton, North Yorks.
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Digfield of Lilford, Northants.
Chiff Chaff 3.9% abv
A clean, crisp amber-gold pale ale with a distinct hoppy aroma
Fool's Nook 3.8% abv
Golden Summer bitter, well hopped with a refreshing citrus aftertaste
Mad Monk 4.8% abv
Deliciously full-bodied and slightly darker, this strong ale has hints of malt and chocolate in the finish
Docks of Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Graveyard Shift 4.5% abv
Chocolate malt and coconut are the bedrock of this dark as night milk stout with a rich, smooth finish – a perfect end to the graveyard shift.
Hard Graft 4% abv
Session pale ale. A punchy, piney taste is underpinned by barley and rye malt with bold flavours from Citra, Simcoe and Sorachi Ace hops.
Never Say Die 6% abv
New World IPA brewed for when things get tough. The tropical and citrus kick from Magnum, Chinook and Mosaic hops is a reminder that surrender isn't an option.
Drygate of Glasgow
Seven Peaks I.P.A. 5% abv
Our flagship IPA: A riotous, uncompromising, and bold cacophony of Mosaic hop aromatics on a crisp malt backbone.
Dunham Massey of Dunham Massey, Cheshire
Chocolate Cherry Mild 3.8% abv
A speciality mild, with a dry hint of cherry that cuts through the malt flavours
Dunham Porter 5.2% abv
Champion Winter Beer of Britain 2014. Classic old style English porter. Dark, creamy and full bodied
East London of Leyton, London E10
Dragon 4.1% abv
A mostly clear golden coloured pour with a loose white head; Aroma is pale bready malts, white grape, orange rind.
Quadrupped Black A.P.A. 5.3% abv
Black IPA, best aromatic hops, darkest malts create deliciously flavoursome Friesian beast.
Elgood's of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
Black Dog 3.6% abv
A traditional dark mild at 3.6% abv. It has many CAMRA awards to its name and is a well known brand in the free trade. The beer is well balanced with a full roast flavour.
Geese! 4.2% abv
Nothing known so far
Plum Porter 4.5% abv
This distinctive black beer has an enticing fruit aroma, leading to a full-bodied, rich and fruity flavour and resulting in a dry, deep, satisfying finish.
Elland of Elland, West Yorkshire
Belgian Wit 4% abv
Brewed with Slovenian Dragon hops for a crisp and refreshing super sessionable light ale.
Eyes of Bradford, West Yorkshire
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Fallen Oak of Gosport, Hampshire
Hole Hearted 4.7% abv
A five time winner of Hampshire Beer of the Year. Floral, fruity and delicately bitter. Cascade hops give this beer powerful floral and tropical fruit flavours.
Seasonal TBC ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Fat Cat of Norwich, Norfolk
Boys En the Hood Stout 4.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Tom Cat 4.1% abv
Crisp dry session ale with a hint of fruitiness.
Flathead of Mexborough, South Yorks.
Drinking from the Bottle 5.4% abv
I.P.A. style beer.
Orate Youth 4.3% abv
Cuckoo brewery at Imperial, new pale beer.
Flipside of Caythorpe, Nottinghamshire
Kopek Stout 4.4% abv
Wholesome stout with strong chocolate & malt flavours
Fyne Ales of Cairndow, Argyll
Jarl 3.8% abv
A full-on citrus experience. Light and golden, a perfect ale for whiling away the hours on a sunny day.
Special TBC ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Georges/Hopmonster of Great Wakerling, Essex
Walasea Wench 3.6% abv
Pale copper, lightly hopped, smooth easy drinking session beer. The name started as a joke from Hillary Hunter, manager of Wallasea’s Wild Coast project and the name and the beer stuck. Cheers Hilary!
Georgous of Highgate, London N7
Greedyguts Golden Ale 3.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Gunpowder 4.8% abv
Nothing known so far
Gibberish of Liverpool
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Golden Triangle of Norwich, Norfolk
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Grain of Alburgh, Norfolk
ThreeOneSix 3.9% abv
Nothing known so far
Weizen 5% abv
Slightly hazy yellow with a creamy white head. Aroma of wheat, yeast, a little banana and light citrus. Flavor is light sweet, light bitter, wheat, yeast, fruity.
Grain/Old Chimneys of Alburgh, Norfolk
Vienna Red 7.1% abv
Nothing known so far
Grainstore of Oakham, Rutland
Beesting 4.5% abv
A light golden honey brew, exhibiting a mellow sweetness, finely balanced against a subtle floral/honey aroma and flavour.
Gold 4.5% abv
A refreshing, light golden brew, whose flavour is a complex blend of mellow malt sweetness finely balanced against a subtle floral aroma and smooth bitterness.
Great Heck of Great Heck, South Yorkshire
Apocolypse Brau 6.1% abv
Strong dark ale made from a blend of Yakima IPA and Patrick Irish Stout.
Treasure I.P.A. 4.8% abv
Golden, luscious, fruity
Green Jack of Lowestoft, Suffolk
L.G.M.1. 4.2% abv
Little Green Man 1 new hoppy pale beer.
Ripper 8.5% abv
Strong, sweet and fruity with a warming finish
Trawlerboys 4.6% abv
Full-bodied and a dark copper-coloured premium bitter with chocolate, fruit, malt and hop flavours.
Hadrian Border of Newcastle upon Tyne
Northern Pale 4.1% abv
A crisp, light pale using Amarillo hops to deliver mellow citrus and grapefruit tones in aroma and on the palate, with a pleasant lingering bitterness on the way down.
Secret Kingdom 4.3% abv
Dark, rich and full-bodied slightly roasted with a malty palate ending with a pleasant bitterness.
Harviestoun of Alva, Central
Scheihallion 4.8% abv
Brewed with lager malt and Hersbrücker and Challenger hops. Fermented with a lager yeast, but treated in every other way as a cask ale, with a week or two of cool conditioning prior to release.
Wheat Beastie 4.3% abv
Wheat beer infused with lemon verbena leaves and coriander.
Henry Smith of Pontefract, West Yorkshire
Dark Mild 4% abv
Nothing known so far
Hop Studio of Elvington, North Yorkshire
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Hopshackle of Market Deeping, Lincs.
American Pale 4.3% abv
An amber coloured ale. The taste is citrus hop with gooseberry and lychees with a dry bitter finish
Barrel Aged Hibernator 5.8% abv
A strong dark old ale which is conditioned for 6 weeks before release. It is black in colour with a tan head and a malty-chocolate aroma. The taste is vinous fruit, malt and bitter chocolate.
Firebelly 5.2% abv
A Double Imperial IPA, amber in colour, loaded with hop oils and resins with a malty background.
Vespa 3.8% abv
Refreshing hoppy, English pale ale.
Horncastle of Horncastle, Lincolnshire
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Howling Hops of Hackney Wick, London E9
House I.P.A. 6.9% abv
Straight up full on hop led IPA.
Tropical Deluxe 3.8% abv
Pleasant Session Pake Ale
Imperial of Mexborough, South Yorks.
Classical Bitter 3.9% abv
An amber beer with a dark beige head, Nice bitterness. Easy drinking
Platinum Blonde 4% abv
Nothing known so far
Iron Pier of Gravesend, Kent
Joined at the Hop 3.8% abv
Nothing known so far
White Out 5.3% abv
Tropical Wheat IPA with Citra and Galaxy Hops
Isle of Skye of Uig, Skye
Black 4.5% abv
Deep ruby lots of roast barley balanced by heather honey.
Kelham Island of Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Pale Rider 5.2% abv
Fruit Wheat Beer
White Rider Cherry 4.8% abv
An American style wheat beer with the addition of the dark cherry it has a smooth mouthfeel and is tangy with a sweet aroma and a sumptuous head.
Keppells of Rochford, Essex
Crows by the Crouch 3.8% abv
An amber ale which is great with any food. light but not heavy on the palet.
King's Cliffe of King's Cliffe, Northants.
5C ?.?% abv
Golden colour, gentle hoppy taste and clean refreshing finish
B5 ?.?% abv
Light golden zesty with addition of lemon peel
P51 ?.?% abv
Traditional English porter . Roasted and chocolate malts give a smooth and sitinctive roast malt and fruit taste
Lacons of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Audit Ale 8% abv
CAMRA Champion Winter Beer of Britain.
Encore 3.8% abv
Light amber, packed with a smooth citrus punch. Balanced dry pine and zesty flavour throughout that finishes with a robust long bitterness.
Idaho 7 ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Old Nogg 6% abv
CAMRA Champion Strong Ale of Norfolk 2019.
Lazy Bay of Nottingham
Lawnmower I.P.A. 4.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Vic Secret, Huell Melon 4.4% abv
Brewed with the Aussie beaut Vic Secret and backed up with the new hop on the block the Germanic Huell Melon. Expect tropical notes with melon undertones.
Leeds of Leeds, West Yorkshire
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Leigh on Sea of Leigh on Sea, Essex
Brhubarb 3.9% abv
Zingy summer saison produced with fresh, natural rhubarb juice.
Cocle Row Spit 5.6% abv
Full flavoured US Style IPA packed with Czech and US hops.
Crowstone 5.5% abv
Festival Champion Beer at PBF in 2018. A rich blend of 7 malts and 4 notorious American hops go to make this bold Black IPA.
Liverpool Brewing of Liverpool
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Magic Rock of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Dark Arts 5.4% abv
A luxuriously smooth mouthfeel, is followed by spicy hop notes and full flavours of chocolate, liquorice, blackberries and figs; will convert you to the dark side.
Ringmaster 3.9% abv
Flag ship pale ale that you’ll want to drink every day. Pale in colour but unlike other pale ales lacking nothing in the flavour stakes.
Magpie of Nottingham
Catch the Rain 4.9% abv
Nothing known so far
Cherry Raven 4.4% abv
Natural dark cherry fruit flavour added to our rich smokey stout, packed full of roasted malt flavour with added sweet fruity dark cherry creamy flavour.
Mauldons of Sudbury, Suffolk
Black Adder 5.3% abv
A dark bitter stout. Roast and nut aromas with a fruity balance of hops and dark malt provide an excellent, lingering finish. CAMRA Supreme Champion 1991.
Micawber's Mild 3.5% abv
A dark mild brewed with pale, roasted barley and crystal malts and 100% Amarillo hops. This traditional beer has a full round flavour with a slight but distinctive bitter finish.
Mile Tree of Peterborough
Blackberry Porter 5.6% abv
Full-bodied dark porter matured on oak chips and with a hint of blackberry fruits.
Citra Blonde 3.7% abv
Refreshing golden blonde ale with hints of apricot and melon flavours.
Little Finger 3.8% abv
Copper coloured bitter, with Rye and Vienna malts providing a slightly toasty body.
Wildwood 4.9% abv
Dark brown spiced ale with an intense fruity malt flavour that is enhanced by the late addition of black peppercorns in the copper.
Nene Valley of Oundle, Northants.
Big Bang Theory 5.3% abv
Well balanced pale ale with a huge hop aroma giving way to a malty sweetness.
Brut I.P.A. 5% abv
Nothing known so far
Double Big Bang Theory 7% abv
Nothing known so far
Egyptian Cream 4.5% abv
A milk stout created with a range of malts and flaked oats with a little extra lactose sweetness
Have Your Cake & Drink It 6.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Manhatten Project 4% abv
A light and refreshing beer with lots of citrus and tropical flavours from the Mandarina, Citra and Eureka hops.
Nene Valley Bitter 4.1% abv
Nothing known so far
Release the Chimps 4.4% abv
Golden coloured American style pale ale with fruity hop aroma and flavour
Newby Wyke of Grantham, Lincs
Eagle & Columbia 5% abv
Nothing known so far
Shadow Extra Stout 6% abv
Nothing known so far
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Nobby's of Thrapston, Northants
Mosaic 4.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Symposium 5% abv
Dark auburn ale with a big hoppy aroma using NZ and USA hops
North Riding of East Ayton, North Yorkshire
Ice Cream Porter 4.5% abv
Can I have a Chocolate Mix 99 please! Aromas and flavours of chocolate and vanilla in this deliciously drinkable Ice Cream Porter.
UK Chinook 4% abv
Nothing known so far
Vanilla Boubon Porter 6% abv
Nothing known so far
Northdown of Margate, Kent
He Bru I.P.A. 4.8% abv
Sunlight coloured ale – hoppy, floral, passion fruit on the nose with a taste of citrus, tangerine, passion fruit and a crisp bitter finish.
Pale Ale Mary 4% abv
Pale amber ale with a hint of apricot, floral and citrus; slight bitterness, crisp finish.
Oakham of Peterborough
Citra 4.2% abv
Nothing known so far
Maelstrom 5.2% abv
Rich. Tropical. Juicy Session IPA
Northern Pacific 4.2% abv
Nothing known so far
Oldershaws of Barkston Heath, Lincs.
Apollo 5% abv
Commemorate the 50th anniversary of the ‘giant leap for mankind’ this is shimmeringly pale beer with full lunar punchiness from zesty Citra and Apollo hops
Heavenly Blonde 3.8% abv
Packed with zesty, super-refreshing tropical fruits with a strikingly crisp, dry finish.
One Mile End of Edmonton, London N17
Jazz Police DDH I.P.A. 6.3% abv
Aroma of soft smooth malts and fruits. Taste is more dry hoppy, crisp citrus with a light minty bite at the finish
Salvation Pale 4.4% abv
Session IPA
Orkney of Stromness, Orkney
Man O Hoy Pale 4.2% abv
Nothing known so far
Red MacGregor 4% abv
A beautifully simple session beer with a stunning balance of hops and malt - a new taste sensation.
Ossett of Ossett, West Yorkshire
Mango I.P.A. 4.5% abv
A golden IPA with moderate bitterness and a robust, full-bodied malty mouthfeel. The addition of mango puree during fermentation completes this very fruity and aromatic beer.
Silver King 4.3% abv
Consistantly popular, this crisp, dry flavour and a fruity, citrus aroma.
Ossett / Fernandes of Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Black Voodoo 5.1% abv
Black moreish beer with a chocolate, orangey, vanilla flavour coming through, brewed using Fuggles hops.
Limelite 3.8% abv
Nothing known so far
Ossett / Rat of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Rat in Black 4.5% abv
Four different malts combine to give a beer with burnt, coffee & chocolate malt character. Slightly sweet on the palate, but with moderate bitterness & fruity/spicy aroma.
Reservoir Rat 4% abv
Aggressive pale ale. Hoppy Bitter. Straw coloured and hopped with US simcoe hops, this beer is dry, refreshing and thoroughly drinkable, with pine and citrus aromas and a bitter finish.
Ossett / Riverhead of Marsden, West Yorkshire
Brewdica 5.5% abv
Brewsters IPA brewed with First Gold hops with orangey, marmalade flavours coming through, with spicy notes to finish.
Honey Blonde 4.5% abv
Mellow Pale Ale
Papworth of Earith, Cambs.
Saison D'etre 6% abv
Nothing known so far
The Bluntisham Beast 6.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Whitfield Citrabolt 3.8% abv
Nothing known so far
Parish of Burrough on the Hill, Leics
Baz's Bonce Blower 12% abv
A festival classic and at one time (pre Brewdog) one of the strongest barley wines available
Elderflower Ale 4.1% abv
Best bitter with elderflower
Farm Gold 4% abv
A golden Beer
Phipps of Northampton, Northants.
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Potton of Potton, Bedfordshire
Holly Pup 3.8% abv
Dark Mild lots of chocolate, Target hops.
Munich Dunkel 5% abv
Nothing known so far
Nightspear 4.8% abv
Black I.P.A. lots of dark fruit flavours.
Purple Moose of Porthmadog, Gwynedd
Ysgawen Elderflower Ale 4% abv
Nothing known so far
Quantock of Wellington, Somerset
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Redwell of Norwich, Norfolk
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Revolutions of Castleford, West Yorkshire
Bizarre Love Triangle 4.5% abv
Celebrating New Order's 'Bizarre Love Triangle'by collaborating with renowned home brewer 'BrewChap'on a Lemon, Ginger & Cucumber Saison.
Swoon 4.5% abv
Multi-award winning sweet stout with the moreish flavour of chocolate fudge.
TBC ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Rocket Ales of Great Staughton, Cambs.
Apollo 11 APA 3.9% abv
US Apollo hops used in this Hoppy fruity ale Best seller of 2019
Space Shuttle Brown 3.6% abv
Rich Chestnut brown ale picked up Gold Award at Boston USA BeerEx
Titan EPE 4.4% abv
Rich India Export Porter
Rockingham of Blatherwyke, Northants
Disco Devil 4.1% abv
Golden beer made with Ahhtanum, Amerillo,Cascade and Citra hops. Expect Citrus flavours including orange, grapefruit and lime.
Electric Mosaic 4.7% abv
Marris Otter malt and triple hopped with Mosaic. Light red ale, full of berry , pine and lime.
Hey Gringo 4.1% abv
Golden beer featuring Mexican limes and a dose of tequila. CARRAMBA.
White Rabbit 3.9% abv
Brewed with Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin hops giving peach , grape, and passion fruit flavours.
Roman Way of Towcester
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Roosters of Knaresborough
24 7 4.7% abv
Beer is called 24/7
Yankee 4.3% abv
Pale coloured premium aromatic bitter. Our best selling beer. Aromas of Turkish delight, lychees and sometimes Muscat grapes. Soft bitterness.
Round Corner of Melton Mowbray, Leics.
Jackroller 5.6% abv
Nothing known so far
Salopian of Hadnall, Shropshire
Far Side 4.8% abv
A black rich opulent stout with aromas of chocolate, cocoa, and roasted malts the flavour is smooth and creamy with hints of cookie dough, vanilla, liquorice and resinous hops.
Lemon Dream 4.5% abv
A shimmering golden ale that is brewed using organic lemons which adds beautifully subtle zesty aromas and a citrus filled fruity finish.
Transfusion 5.3% abv
A delightful cranberry and pomegranate wheat beer
Sarah Hughes of Dudley, West Midlands
Dark Ruby Mild 5.8% abv
Combines a balance of intense colour and flavour, making it an award winning festival favourite.
Scruffy Dog of Sutton in Ashfield, Notts.
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Skinner's of Truro, Cornwall
Betty Stoggs 4% abv
Copper-coloured, with a light malty aroma, a floral, even cedar taste, and a sharp tang of bitter grapefruit
Cornish Knocker 4.5% abv
A strong, clean tasting Golden Beer that’s not too sweet and with a fresh flowery aroma.
St Austell of St Austell, Cornwall
Big Job Double I.P.A. 7.2% abv
Dry as a bone and jammed full of Cornish barley and as many Citra and Centennial hops as we could get our hands on.
Tribute 4.2% abv
Light, hoppy, zesty, easy to drink and consistently delicious. The zesty orange and grapefruit flavours are balanced with biscuit malt for this superb Cornish classic.
Tridant I.P.A. 4.8% abv
Nothing known so far
St. Peters of South Elmham, Suffolk
Ruby Red 4.3% abv
A rich, red ale with subtle malt undertones and a distinctive spicy hop aroma from Styrian Goldings. Brewed with skill and patience in one of Britain’s finest small breweries.
Stormtrooper Galactic Pale 4.2% abv
Nothing known so far
Stoney Ford of Oakham, Rutland
All Saints Almighty Amber 4.2% abv
Amber ale, gentle bitterness and late hopping gives a resinous, marmalade, orange aromatic and citrus bite.
Sheepmarket Supernova 3.8% abv
Summer sunshine strawberry blonde in a glass.
Swannay of Birsay, Orkney
Island Hopping 3.9% abv
A hoppy golden pale ale with a resin, lemon, hop character.
Orkney I.P.A. 4.8% abv
A modern IPA, not overly bitter but still nicely ‘hoppy’ and at 4.8%, just about a session IPA for a sensible night’s drinking. The hop profile is nothing short of stunning.
Team Toxic of Not known
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Tenby Brewing of Tenby, Dyfed
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Theakston of Masham, North Yorkshire
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Thornbridge of Ashford-in-the-Water, Derbys.
AM:PM 4.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Jaipur 5.9% abv
A citrus dominated India Pale Ale, its immediate impression is soft and smooth yet builds to a crescendo of massive hoppiness accentuated by honey. An enduring, bitter finish.
Market Porter 4.5% abv
Milk Stout
Three Blind Mice of Little Downham, Cambs.
Charlatan 5.4% abv
Nothing known so far
Misfit V1 4.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Zege 4.6% abv
Nothing known so far
Three Castles of Pewsey, Wiltshire
E.P.A. 5.1% abv
Nothing known so far
Summer Daze 3.8% abv
Nothing known so far
Three Hills of Thrapston, Northants.
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Three Sods of Bethnal Green, London E2
Bo Ho Bitter 4.1% abv
Dark golden bitter. Tangerine and grassy combined with warm malts and bitterness.
Maelstrom 5.3% abv
Nothing known so far
Timothy Taylor of Keighley, West Yorkshire
Hopical Storm 4% abv
Nothing known so far
Tiny Rebel of Newport, Gwent
Dutty 4.2% abv
Clean it ain’t, but that’s no bad thing. In fact it’s very, very good. We’ve retained more flavour and a silky smooth texture in this Vermont style IPA
Pango 5% abv
This is our Mosaic-hopped, peach-and-mango-infused juicy banger of an IPA.
Strawberries & Cream 4.5% abv
Nothing known so far
Titanic of Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
Plum Porter 4.9% abv
This beer is dark, strong and well rounded; the richness of such a rotund beer is brought to an even keel by the late addition of Goldings hops and natural plum flavouring
Top Out of Loanhead, Midlothan
Single Hop Pale 3.6% abv
Nothing known so far
Tring of Tring, Buckinghamshire
Daisy Cutter 4% abv
Nothing known so far
Death or Glory 7.2% abv
Originally brewed on October 25th to commemorate the Charge of the Light Brigade. A strong, dark aromatic and estery barley wine.
Mansion Mild 3.7% abv
A smooth, creamy, ruby dark mild with a fruity pallate and gentle late hop aroma
Tydd Steam of Tydd St. Giles, Cambs.
Amnesiac 4.9% abv
Gold medal winner Peterborough Beer festival 2010. Pale premium bitter, hopped with unique Nelson Sauvin hops giving a soft white wine background and crushed gooseberry aroma.
Amninjiac 4.6% abv
Nothing known so far
Barn Ale 3.9% abv
Refreshing pale session bitter, with a zesty bitterness and a lingering citrus finish.
Ginja Ninja 4.3% abv
Nothing known so far
Tyne Bank of Newcastle upon Tyne
Silver Dollar 4.9% abv
An American Pale Ale with a robust malt base and west coast American hops, giving a bold citrus fruit flavour and a piney character.
Summer Breeze 3.9% abv
A light pale ale brewed using Asian root ginger and lemongrass with a citrus character and suble spice kick.
Uppingham Brewhouse of Uppingham, Rutland
UB1 3.7% abv
Nothing known so far
UB2 4.3% abv
Nothing known so far
Vadum of Wath upon Deane, S. Yorks.
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Vale of Glamorgan of Barry, South Glamorgan
Lady Liberty 4.8% abv
A deep golden pale ale, packed with Simcoe and Mosaic with a heafty Citra dry-hop.
Paradigm Shift 4.2% abv
Malty to the max and dry hopped.
Welbeck Abbey of Welbeck Worksop, Notts.
When Life Gives You Lemons 2.8% abv
Nothing known so far
Weldon of Rushden, Northants.
Dragline 3.9% abv
Refreshing light session ale with hints of passion fruit, apricots and pine needles.
Hazelnut Stout 4.2% abv
Tasty light stout fermented over toasted hazelnuts
Jam Roly Poly & Custard 5.5% abv
Go straight back to school and wallow in these naughty flavours from your childhood school dinners.
Paradesium 4.4% abv
Grapefruit Pale ale featuring liberal additions of Chinook hops for a lingering grapefruit finish.
Welland of Spalding, Lincolnshire
Black Cow 4.7% abv
A smooth and luxurious oat and milk stout
Pale RyeNo 4.1% abv
A pale rye beer, nice citrussy aroma and flavour with a smooth bitterness.
Shipshape Blonde 3.7% abv
Refreshing summer blonde with pleasant fruit aromas
Whim of Hartington, Derbyshire
Some beer ?.?% abv
Nothing known so far
Wooha of Kinloss, Moray
Blonde 4% abv
A traditional blonde ale - crisp, light and we love it!
Porter 5% abv
Lightly hopped using Phoenix hops from the UK. Rich chocolate and coffee flavors which are wrapped in a mouth filling smokiness provided by the german rauch malt. Dark as night, with a smooth aftertaste.
Working Hand of Leamside, County Durham
Dr. Kelly's Sicknote 4.2% abv
This beer is light in colour but full of citrus hop character, it’s a cheerful beer best enjoyed in the company of your peers!
Xtreme Ales of Peterborough
Milk Stout 4.5% abv
Traditional Milk Stout using Goldings hops for bittering and lots of Lactose to give a rich creamy stout
Oatmeal Stout 5.5% abv
A strong stout with flaked oats and a hint of smoked malt. Slight bittering gives a smooth dark beer with Chocolate and smoky overtones.
Triple Hop 4.5% abv
IPA style beer brewed with Chinook, Simcoe and Mosaic hops giving a fruity initial taste followed by a dry finish
Vogon Poetry 5% abv
Brewed to celebrate PBF 42nd festival, Lots of Galaxy hops giving an intense flavour hit and aroma. Long aftertaste on this very palatable beer.
Yard of Ale of Ferryhill, County Durham
One Foot in the Yard 4.5% abv
Golden, premium ale. If you like your beer with a fruity, robust character then this is for you.

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